11 Dead – Cedarcroft Outbreak Update

There are a total of 278 confirmed cases in Huron-Perth, with 40 cases currently active. There have been 15 new community cases added over the weekend. (Please note that one duplicate case file was adjusted on the weekend, meaning the total cases went to 263 before the 15 community cases were added for the current total of 278).There are no active long-term care home outbreaks and no active school outbreaksCedarcroft Place Retirement Residence continues to be in outbreak.Cedarcroft outbreakHPPH was saddened to learn of the passing of two residents since we last reported who had tested positive for COVID-19. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of these individuals.RESIDENTS:Total number of deaths: 11Total residents active: 13Total residents recovered: 19STAFF:Total number of staff cases: 19Total number of staff cases resolved: 18 (please note this case does not show on our website as staff resides outside of Huron Perth)Total number of staff cases active: 1Move to Orange-RestrictThere have been some questions on why the province moved Huron-Perth to the Orange-Restrict level of public health measures. Our level is determined by multiple factors includingRates of cases in our health unit and in neighbouring regionsRates of cases that are not ‘epi-linked’ (not in a known chain of transmission which is suggestive of community transmission) in our health unit and in neighbouring regionsR (Reproduction number) in our health unit and in neighbouring regionsHospital capacity in our health unit and in neighbouring regionsPublic Health capacity to do Case and Contact Management in our health unit and in neighbouring regionsAdditional information on what indicators the province uses when assessing the need for an area to move to a different level of public health measures can be found at COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open.

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